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Why we use Wheelock indeed, when the answers are from an alternative Latin universe

In my progress through Wheelock’s Latin  (yes, there has been progress although I have been distracted by other somewhat related issues…), I have had occasion to consult the Answer Key, usually with a mixture of confidence and trepidation.  My confidence has been boosted by how much I have remembered from previous forays into Latin, to the point  that I feel quite fluent.  Of course, this is immediately dispelled when I take up Virgil’s Georgics and still find it in its particulars still impenetrable.  And so, the trepidation as the original confidence has disappeared, and I expect all my work on the exercises to be incorrect.

As it seems they are.  For the answer key seems to be for a totallydifferent book!  I must say my belief in Wheelock has been a bit dented by this apparent attempt to undermine me.  So, I did what anyone would do, and tried to find an explanation on the web.  Not only did I find it, but I also found the correct answer key.  My confidence is back (although Virgil is still elusive).

I suspect I was not supposed to find the proper answer key on the web.  According to other Wheelock fans writing reviews on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Wheelocks-Latin-6th-Revised/dp/0060784237), it would appear that one must request the answer key from the publisher.  Another thing I learned from these reviews is that there are groups online who work through the book together.  Can’t say I have come across them yet in my search for fellow Latin students.  However, I did find:

What Has Latin Done for Me Lately?  http://whatlatincandoforyou.blogspot.com/2006_11_01_archive.html  A blog that is now defunct, but I like the contrast between this entry and the url.  Not sure from the blog which sentiment predominated in the end.  Especially liked this piece of advice:

Okay! The secret to excelling in Latin………. wait for it……… (annonying isnt it)…. haha, sorry-
Its Context! If anything, I learned that many words look alike-exactly alike- and differentiating them requires you to look at the whole sentence.
So there you have it! the secret, unveiled!
Jeremy Y

Girl Genius  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/girlgenius/message/12786  Where I was introduced to the potential dating opportunities afforded by studying Latin (if you are a teenager anyway).

Went out to look at the bees, after my rant about disappearing women, a week or so ago.  They go about their business with their little ‘pollen pants’ on.  In all my meetings with the local beekeeping society, have never heard of bees referred to as ‘he’, but have heard cows referred to in that way, at least on TV.  And a few days back on the radio, I heard web-spinning spiders referred to as ‘he’ (although at the end of the conversation, the expert from the Tarantula Society had changed to ‘it’).  Got me to thinking, are all web-spinning spiders female?  It was my assumption they are, but this guy has dented my confidence, kind of like Wheelock and the answers…


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