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Augustine, a stalker?

Can’t help but get that feeling since I visited the Priory in Suffolk. In this month’s Prospect (http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/), he is mentioned two articles, neither having to do with religion (or Latin for that matter).

The first article, Shifting Sands, is about, of all things, Qatar.  Congratulations must be given to Graham Boyce, quoted here by the author Sam Mendelson, for one of the most unlikely (and maybe on another level, unseemly?) connection:

Boyce added that the 2005 constitution is relatively progressive, and that the emir “has an –albeit St. Augustine–belief in democracy” (recalling St. Augustine’s prayer in his Confessions: ” Lord, make me chaste, but not yet”).  Hm.

The second reference is as much of a reach too far.  In his review of Ian Leslie’s book, Born Liars:  Why We Can’t Live Without Deceit, Julian Baggini observes in connection to a description of a house for sale:  In other words, no “false statement made with the intention to deceive”–St. Augustine’s still unbeatable definition of a lie–but plenty of economy with the truth.  Augustine’s portrait is even included–next to Bill Clinton’s and Pinocchio’s.


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