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Disappearing women 2: or what happens to Queen Bees

Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason photoshopped…


I would say this does not even dignify a comment (like at least if they had photoshopped a few burquas on them, you would still know women had been present…), but actually it should provoke a more vociferous reaction than it is getting….

And it looks like it’s tough to cut a break in children’s literature as well


One of the findings of the study is that the sexism is more prevalent when the characters are animals.  This brings to mind something I have observed when watching nature programs:  all animals are “he” until proven otherwise (this is applicable for female as well as male reporters, scientists etc), and even after proven otherwise.  And when the focus is male/female mixed groups of animals, the focus is preponderently on male behavior, even when females are quite dominant as is the case with lions.

And just to ensure that I keep this on topic (one of them anyway), it seems that being a “Queen Bee” in the work place is not necessarily a good thing:


Imagine, a Queen Bee is a woman who exhibits male characteristics in the workplace!   What does that say about Queen Bees in the hive?


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