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De Consolatione Philosophiae: I will give wings to your mind

Lady Philosophy and Boethius from the Consolat...

Lady Philosophy and Boethius from the Consolation, (Ghent, 1485) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Easter:  haec cum philosophia dignitate uultus et oris grauitate

pennas etiam tuae menti quibus se in altum tollere possit adfigam, ut perturbatione depulsa sospes in
patriam meo ductu, mea semita, meis etiam uehiculis reuertaris.

verse 4M1

sunt etenim pennae uolucres mihi quae celsa conscendant poli; quas sibi cum uelox mens induit
terras perosa despicit,aeris immensi superat globum nubesque postergum uidet quique agili motu calet aetheris transcendit ignis uerticem, donec in astriferas surgat domos Phoeboque coniungat uias aut comitetur iter gelidi senis miles corusci sideris uel quocumque micans nox pingitur recurrat astri circulum
atque ubi iam exhausti fuerit satis polum relinquat extimum dorsaque uelocis premat aetheris compos uerendi luminis. hic regum sceptrum dominus tenet orbisque habenas temperat et uolucrem currum stabilis regit rerum coruscus arbiter. huc te si reducem referat uia quam nunc requiris immemor, haec, dices, memini, patria est mihi, hinc ortus, hic sistam gradum.
(Book 4  http://www.portalefilosofia.com/biblioteca/materiale/cons_lat.pdf)

Is that a bag of RSPB feed I see?

Is that a bag of RSPB Easter feed I see?

And Happy Easter From Him Outdoors
BBC2 has claimed that for Catholics lent ends on Maundy Thursday which seems at variance from my Catholic school upbringing.  My friend Lisa says that technically the 40 days of Lent end at Palm Sunday, although her priest says that ideally it should last through the Easter triduum (from Good Friday through to evening prayers on Easter Sunday).  Well, it doesn’t sound right to me not fasting on Good Friday, and it sounds even wronger not to break the fast on Easter morning.  So, in our little biosphere, it’s chocolate breakfasts all around!

Happy Resurrection Day!


‘I will give wings to your mind, by which it shall raise itself aloft: so shal l disquiet be driven away, and you may return safe to your home by my guidance, by the path I shall shew you, even by myself carrying you thither. Yea, airy wings are mine to scale the heights of heaven; when these the min d has donned, swiftly she loathes and spurns this earth. She soars above the sphere of this vast atmosphere, sees the clouds behind her far; she passes high above the topmost fires which seethe above the feverish turmoil of the air,until she rises to the stars’ own home, and joins her path unto the sun’s; or accompanies on her path the cold and ancient Saturn, maybe as the shining warrior Mars; or she may take her course through the circle of every star that decks the night. And when she has had her fill of journeying, then m ay she leave the sky and tread the outer plane of the swift moving air, as mistress of the awful light. Here holds the King of kings His sway, and guides the reins of the universe, and Himself unmoved He drives His winged chariot, the bright disposer of the world. And if this path brings thee again hither, the path that now thy memory seeks to recall, I tell thee, thou shalt say, ” This is my home, hence was I derived, here shall I stay my course.”    (http://www9.georgetown.edu/faculty/jod/boethius/boetrans.html)


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