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It May Be Raining, But the Sun Is Still Shining

Thanks to the Hobbit Queen for nominating this blog for a Sunshine Award.  As bloggers (that would be oh, about a billion of us), we send out our messages hoping for someone to show an interest.  And when you are not one of those who are ‘Freshly Pressed’ or have like thousands of site visits daily, it can be a bit of a ‘one hand clapping’ kind of experience.  So, when someone directs a few rays of sunshine onto your page, it makes your day.

It’s all go over at Beehaven, and Hobbit Queen takes us every step of the way with excellent live-action photos!  I especially love Grand Dog, and wonder how Grand Dog avoids beestings?

As one of the conditions of the award is to throw some rays onto someone else, my suggestions would be:

Adventuresinbeeland:  A year ago, when I first started this blog, Emily was the first subscriber outside those of my acquaintance cornered and coerced, and I thank her for that.  Subscribing to the blog of someone you don’t really know is a leap of faith, especially if you yourself are a blogger (am I the only one who hopes for a quid pro quo)  She has a blog which provides a bit of a masterclass in beekeeping (I now feel like I could sit those exams myself!) combined with wonderful photos and helpful advice, not just from her but also those on her ‘staff’ at the apiary.

GardenFork.TV   The folks over at GardenFork have been a real help to me.  I especially like the post about bearproofing your beehive.  Not that it’s something I need right now, but you never know!

Honey Bee Suite   Rusty’s blog is a continued source of information, especially when I have no idea what I am looking at in my hives, but I know it’s not good!  However, what has endeared Rusty to me is the fact that she spends 40% of bee time looking for her hive tool! (and, Rusty, I know that’s not an exaggeration)  I can so relate, especially because we had to do the very same thing the day that bee inspector came.  A bit embarassing….

It can’t be all about bees, though:

Crows.Net  I’m not sure whether this is a blog or not, so it might not qualify.  But it certainly has given me a respect for these fascinating birds (even if they are a bit mob-handed)

Colin Tudge  Everyone who has read this blog must have figured out by now that I have a bit of a crush on Colin Tudge, not the least because he makes me feel like I’m not some kind of extremist weirdo reading sexism into every little utterance of those working and writing in the natural sciences (if this is a gross exaggeration of your position, Col, please don’t hate me!).  You’re not perfect, Col, but you do see through some of the subjectivity too often present among natural scientists.

Cold Glass  Sometimes, when I feel like relaxing over a cocktail at the end of a difficult day (ok, it doesn’t even have to be difficult), but it’s just not possible, I read this blog and look at the beautiful photos of chilled glasses filled with colorful liquid.  Is it possible to have a virtual cocktail?

And, now for something completely different.

Guardian Watch   I may not agree with all of her comments, but anyone who is keeping a watching brief on The Guardian has got to be doing a public service in my book.  Her latest post about misandry is reminiscent of a conversation my husband and I have every time we watch an episode of Scott and Bailey:  we really like the series, but why do all the male characters (the ones with more than two lines) have to be such losers?  Come on, we’re better than that…aren’t we?

Anyway, who says we have to agree with everything we read?  I like reading blogs that make me look at things differently, that challenge me.  Those are my rays of sunshine, if you will.

Oh, I would have liked to add some cooking blogs here, but I read so many I wouldn’t know where to start!

I wouldn’t like to presume on those bloggers above (quite a few I do not know) to make their own nominations (one of the conditions of the award).  However, I will be so bold as request that anyone who is reading this page at least click on the links above, maybe send them a like, or even a message, or give a real vote of confidence with a subscription. (I will admit that I don’t subscribe to all, it’s really weird but I am a bit shy about that sometimes.)  Because it’s really nice to know that of all the billions of blogs out there, your blog caught someone’s attention, even for the briefest moment.

Thanks, HQ, for reminding me what a great year it’s been in the blogosphere!



3 thoughts on “It May Be Raining, But the Sun Is Still Shining

  1. This is so kind of you…I am chortling at the idea of my little blog being considered a masterclass in beekeeping! Glad I fooled someone 🙂 Your blog is great and deserves to be read by more people, I’m really glad I subscribed.

    I already followed Honey Bee Suite and have started following a couple of the others you suggested. Funnily enough I heard Colin Tudge talk at an event in London recently, he came across as a very warm, enthusiastic person.

    Posted by Emily Heath | April 23, 2012, 7:16 pm
    • Ah, group hug, if I were the hugging type! Seriously, Emily, you have given me yet a third reason to hate you: groovy photos, helpful minions, annnd you have been in the presence of my man! (I hope aside from being ‘warm; and ‘enthusiastic’, he wasn’t speaking gibberish. I would hate my illusions to be shattered).

      Posted by mylatinnotebook | April 24, 2012, 11:16 am
      • Ha ha, group hug! Colin was making a lot of sense about smaller scale local food, but sadly I don’t think most of the world is prepared to hear it.

        Posted by Emily Heath | April 30, 2012, 9:52 pm

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