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Boethius, Latin Literature

“Look to the highest of the heights of heaven”

My pal, Boethius, again.  And, no it doesn’t pertain directly to Christmas, but I think it puts one in the frame of mind.  Whether Christian or no, it’s nice to have a time set aside each year where, in certain quarters, we are encouraged to “look to the highest of heights,” not in an X-Factor kind of way, but in a food for the soul sort of way (sorry for the cliche, but if it’s any consolation, I had a bit of Jack Daniels with honey last night so you can see I haven’t perfected this at all yet).

Wonderful Fuzz (the robin) the Christmas cake made for me by the wonderful Josephina, the cake lady (see, not just whe I am angry)

Wonderful Fuzz (the robin) the Christmas cake made for me by the wonderful Josephina, the cake lady (see, not just whe I am angry)

Si vis celsi iura tonatis
pur a sellers cernere mente,
aspice smnmi culmina caeli.
illic iusto foedere rcrum
vetcrcm servant sidera pacem,
non sol rutilo concitus igne
gelidum Phoebes impedit axem
nee quae summo vertice mundi
flcctit rapidos ursa meatus
numquam occiduo lota profundo
cetera cernens sidera mergi
cupit oceano tinguere flammas.
semper vicibus temporis aequis
Vesper seras nuntiat umbras
revehitque diem Lucifer almum.
sic aeternos rcficit cursus
alternus amor, sic astrigcris
bcllum discors cxulat oris.

I have been very remiss of late with this blog.  I plead a bit too much work of the type that required a lot of writing.  I have been trying to keep up with my blog reading, but have not been good with feedback despite the fact there has been so many interesting things to which to respond.  I can only say that I will be better after New Year’s, I promise.

Anyway, all the best for the holidays from Fuzz, Mrs Fuzz, the Twizzels and all the rest.  Oh and from me too.

In the high counsels of the Lord of Thunder
Seekest thou to know with singleness of heart,
Look to the highest of the heights of heaven,
See where the stars still keep their ancient peace.
Never the kindled fiery sun
Hinders the gliding frozen moon,
Nor halts on his high way the Bear
Nor in the west where waters are,
And where the other stars go down,
Seeks he his silver flames to drown.
With even alternate return
Still Vesper brings the evening on,
And Lucifer the tender dawn.
So Love still guides their deathless ways,
And ugly Hate that maketh wars
Is exiled from the shore of stars.

As ever, from Helen Waddell‘s Mediaeval Latin Lyrics (see link to the right of this text).


4 thoughts on ““Look to the highest of the heights of heaven”

    • I thought you might like this; you publish some lovely poetry on your own blog. Speaking of which I quickly caught sight of your blog on Octavia Hill (last month?): I frequently attend meetings at her birthplace house. I’ll have to take you there next time you visit!

      Posted by mylatinnotebook | January 2, 2013, 2:43 pm
  1. Ha! Josephina indeed! Wishing you a merry Christmas

    Posted by No | December 24, 2012, 4:17 pm

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