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The Zen Research of Bumbles Bumbling

You may recall in a previous post my mentioning my friend, Jo, and her bumblebees? After watching them bumbling about (and sometimes flying away in frustration) she took the advice of helping the girls get a sense of direction. Did it work? You view the data yourselves:

Pollen Count

You may also remember that Jo’s curiosity about her buff-tailed and their little pollen pants led her to a useful website about pollen from the Sheffield Beekeepers ( http://www.sheffieldbeekeepers.org.uk/tools/pollen-chart/). Emily at AdventuresinBeeland’s Blog has also provided this source from the Bristol Beekeepers: http://www.bristolbeekeepers.org.uk

My honeys have been bringing in an amazing amount of multi-colored pollen in the past few weeks. They are scarcely able to stagger into the hive from the weight of it!


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