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Well, It Can’t Be All Ducklings

Sometimes, it has to be rats and pigeons…


This wild garlic provides just the right amount of cover…

Pigeon in Paris May 2018

Apparently all the fashion in Paris…

These are photos from May, during a visit from a niece. The first was from our yard, the second from the Luxembourg Gardens. It seems the best way to unnerve the French is to try to feed pigeons. Who knew? We also tried to feed some crows, who immediately went all Alfred Hitchcock on us. I think they were flying in from all points in France, never mind Paris.

And there be mice as well. My husband had the temerity to clean out the garage. I’ve done some blog posts in the past about mice setting up housekeeping in our garage. They are nothing if not creative. We had a box of stuff to bring to Household Waste-containers, vases etc. What’s one person’s trash is one mouse’s treasure, because each little container had newspaper, dryer lint. And in among this multi-bedroom house was a mouse. So, being the soft touches we are, we left the box there.  A few days later my husband heard some noise from the garage, some scratching around, not coming from the box. We have a vacuum container that we can hook up to our vacuum to clean out the fireplace and stove. The noise appeared to be coming from there, so MH opened it to find little mice babies! How did they ever get there? We soon figured it out: When MH was cleaning, he had removed a curtain rod that we had just stuck in the opening at the top. We figured the mice were running up and down this pole, feeding the babies. Only we had removed it, so maybe the babies weren’t being fed? MH replaced the pole. But the story does not end there. The next day we checked the container to see how the babies were doing. They had disappeared completely! We think, what with all the commotion in the garage, the parents swiftly moved them out. That will teach MH to give anything a good cleaning.

Really, this is the time of year when there are too many stories. We just had a swarm yesterday, which is kind of late for us. We will have to think about taking off some honey soon.  There have been babies galore–blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, robins, jackdaws, magpies, starlings etc. We are in a bit of a lull right now, after the first mad rush of babies. Our blackbird son, Boss, has had his first crop and is enjoying some sun bathing and bossing everyone around. When he wants his worms, he let’s me know–my niece and I came home once to him waiting in the drive. I opened the door, but he muscled my niece aside and followed me through the whole house and out he back door into the conservatory where the worms were.

Because that’s how we roll around here.

Speaking of live mealworms, the industry seems to be going through its yearly drought about this time when it is difficult to get any. I still have my sources though, lucky for me.

I have been doing my RSPCA Wildlife Casualty volunteering, and to date I have transported miniscule baby rabbits, a gull (don’t know which kind which didn’t prevent it from snapping at me), a dove, and a fox which we were releasing. I also did a bit of dog walking for the Cinnamon Trust.

I am trying to think of everything, but know I am forgetting stuff. We have our usual crop of hedgehogs. And my niece, who has a pet hedgehog (I’m a bit dubious about these) got to see her first wild one here…


A bit darkish but you can just about make it out sat in the tin

And speaking of hedgehogs, I began with rats, but will sing you out on cute. Baby hogs wearing their food, the trying to it, off themselves and others. (apologies for size, can’t seem to make it smaller)

Suzanne does a great job with rescue. Stop by her FaceBook page.

P.S. There was a Spring Watch, with it’s usual aggravations: Iolo Williams calling a female Sea Eagle moody and hormonal, something like that. No wonder she told him to f**k off during his poxy competition.  Never thought I hear myself say it (or see myself type it): bring back Martin HG. I bet Michaela thinks so too, with all the man-spreading going on with the male guest presenters, she almost ended up being pushed of her perch a few times.


2 thoughts on “Well, It Can’t Be All Ducklings

  1. Haha–funny post, especially about Spring Watch–sounds delightfully entertaining. The little hedgehogs are too darned cute. I love to see them!

    Posted by Tina | June 30, 2018, 3:43 pm

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