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October Big Day Saturday the 6th

October’s full moon is on the 8th, otherwise known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, Travel Moon, and the Dying Grass Moon. To learn more about this moon, the Old Farmer’s Almanac online has all the info plus a video. All I am saying is that you might want to think twice before bobbing for apples…


But there is loads to do before Halloween and even before the full moon on the 8th.

Are you going to participate? It’s an international day of birding, according to the Cornell Lab web site:

Every year for the last four years Global Big Day has set new heights for a single day of birding. This massively international collaborative birding event has been so great we want to have another worldwide eBird Big Day in October. Why October? Because spring is rejuvenating the southern hemisphere and the northern reaches of the world are in the midst of migration. No matter where you are, we’re confident you can find some great birds on 6 October. Let’s see what we can find together on the first October Big Day!

If you follow the link, you will find out how to participate, including how to get an eBird account: eBird is a worldwide bird checklist program used by hundreds of thousands of birders. You can enter what you see and what you hear. While the count takes place on the 6th, you have until the 9th to make your entries.  You can also watch the results roll in in real-time here.  There is also a free eBird Essentials course to help you with identification.

And if that is not enough excitement, there is the Wall of Birds!


The Wall of Birds charts the evolution and diversity of birds through a virtual, interactive mural. Of course, I chose to follow the evolution of the osprey, but according to the site, it covers 243 bird families over 375 million years.

So don’t say there’s nothing to do on Saturday. Enjoy!

Attribution: Images replicated from the Cornell Lab eBird and Wall of Birds sites


2 thoughts on “October Big Day Saturday the 6th

  1. I forgot about Global Big Day, though I’m sure I’ve received plenty of email notifications, which I igorned. Guess I better log on and see what’s up. Like the video. 🙂

    Posted by Tina | October 4, 2018, 4:34 pm

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