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Hogs Gone Wild!

Ok, so remember this?

Dib Bone 2019

The manky bone the squirrels were sharpening their teeth on? Well, it disappeared after the post, probably because they thought it would attract a crowd. A week or so afterwards, I was standing on the opposite side of the yard and heard the familiar sound: eek,eek,eek. I couldn’t locate it, but apparently someone decided to commandeer the bone, the bone which had been in the same place for years, and hide it.

So, we decided to get one of those meat bones they sell at feed stores, the intended audience being dogs. We bought it for the squirrels, but assumed the resident fox would go for it.


A few days after we bought it, I was standing in the kitchen and heard another familiar sound: screechy magpie baby. Only it was really close, like outside the door. I looked out the kitchen window only to see an adult magpie feeding its screechy baby the meat scraps still clinging to the bone. Never saw that coming.

So imagine my surprise at this (ignore timer going off in kitchen as I was filming):

This hedgehog is really going for it.  But, as far as I know, the bone hasn’t been touched since then. It originally came as one single piece, but I think the birds broke it apart, pecking at the sinews. As for the hedgehog, I don’t know if the attraction was residual meat scraps, or if this was another example of teeth sharpening. When I was uploading this video, I noted one of those captive white hedgehogs gnawing on a rawhide dog chew toy. So maybe it’s the sharpening.

We have our usual host of hogs in the yard this summer. We always start the season with one food tin outside the conservatory. We are currently at six all stationed around the yard. And I am about to add two more at the bottom of the yard for two young, small hedgehogs that come in from the field out back. Unfortunately for them, there is a bit of a huffy-puffy bigger hedgehog that pushes them around, so I have to look out for them.

The top part of the yard, as well as the conservatory, is dominated by one we call Torpedo because of its tendency to run at and tackle other hedgehogs. Some of them will hold their ground against it, but others get pushed right off their feet. Torpedo is a frequent intruder in the conservatory, raiding tins we’ve filled to put out later.

That’s hedgehogs. I am so behind on everything else happening. There is so much going on with the birds and bees, that I feel a bit overwhelmed at all the posts there are to write…


3 thoughts on “Hogs Gone Wild!

  1. When your post first came through my email, I thought: Man! Do they have wild hogs there, too? I’m relieved it’s just your darling (well, I think they’re darling) hedgehogs. Wild pigs are a serious problem here in sunny Texas; they are marauding beasts!

    Posted by Tina | July 7, 2019, 1:44 pm

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