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Turkeys and Honey: sorry, couldn’t come up with anything better for a title…

I have been remiss, yet again, with this blog. I could say real life has intruded, but have you seen this video?


If that isn’t real life, I don’t know what is. Is it called irony watching live turkey boys having a family squabble right before my family sat down for its Thanksgiving dinner avec a less than living turkey? This jostling went on for hours. The girl turkeys left pretty early on, and the two spectators hung around until the bitter end.

And, as for the honey, below is our haul from this year. More than last year. The little honey bears were a bit of an indulgence, impulse purchase.

Honey 2019

Winter has been a bit lonesome without Boss.  But, I seem to have found some companionship in someone who could possibly be Bossy’s daughter, Baby Girl. Here she is this summer, in a photo taken by my friend Tony John, gathering worms for her first babies:


I don’t know who her mate is. She seems to have to run the gauntlet of battling males in the morning to get her worms. I have to run interference while she chomps away. I hope she sticks around as I am getting a bit attached…

I will try to be better, with my own blog and reading others. I will.


2 thoughts on “Turkeys and Honey: sorry, couldn’t come up with anything better for a title…

  1. The turkeys knew that your family already have a cooked turkey on the table so they see no threat.

    Posted by P&B | February 3, 2020, 12:46 am

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