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How’s this for a Queen Bee, only it’s a bird!

De ramis cadunt folia, nam viror totus periit, iam calor liquit omnia et abiit; nam signa coeli ultima sol petiit. Iam nocet frigus teneris, et avis bruma leditur. (taken from a 13th century ms., and published in Mediaval Latin Lyrics, trans. Helen Waddell.  Norton 1977.  For translation, see below) This is one bird that not … Continue reading

Hey, Virgil, wasps are people too, according to Rosa Luxemburg

Hanschen, a wasp!  Really the first young slender wasp, which obviously just woke up this morning, and it’s buzzing away right now in my room!  It flew in through the open window and immediately hurled itself against the closed upper pane.  One inch below it the window is wide open, but it continues to bore … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV, or since when are we running a spa?

BkIV:8-29 Location and Maintenance of the Apiary at liquidi fontes et stagna virentia musco adsint, et tenuis fugiens per gramina rivus, palmaque vestibulum aut ingens oleaster inumbret, ut, cum prima novi ducent examina reges vere suo, ludetque favis emissa iuventas, vicina invitet decedere ripa calori, obviaque hospitiis teneat frondentibus arbos. in medium, seu stabit iners, … Continue reading

What will all those drones get up to? or Disappearing Women 3

  There are over 160 million females “missing” from Asia’s population. That’s more than the entire female population of the United States. And gender imbalance—which is mainly the result of sex selective abortion—is no longer strictly an Asian problem. In Azerbaijan and Armenia, in Eastern Europe, and even among some groups in the United States, … Continue reading

Disappearing women 2: or what happens to Queen Bees

Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason photoshopped… http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/national/jewish-newspaper-airbrushes-hillary-clinton-from-photo-25-apx-20110510 I would say this does not even dignify a comment (like at least if they had photoshopped a few burquas on them, you would still know women had been present…), but actually it should provoke a more vociferous reaction than it is getting…. And it looks like it’s … Continue reading

Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, or how to get rid of vermin the Libyan way

The Libyans dwell in the order which I will now describe. Beginning on the side of Egypt, the first Libyans are the Adyrmachidae. These people have, in most points, the same customs as the Egyptians, but use the costume of the Libyans. Their women wear on each leg a ring made of bronze; they let … Continue reading

Latin literature, or the disappearance of women

Dr Laith’s wife, Bushra, had taken up wearing hijab late in life, but she could not explain exactly why-it was something sunk deep out of explanation.  She said it just felt more comfortable.  Um Omar had grown into her thirties following Western fashions and hemlines, but had bowed to the wishes of her husband and … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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