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Swarm 2015: I knew it!

They were way too well-behaved. Swarm 4 May 2015 It was a nice day, beautiful in fact,  but… I have been having my seasonal allergies, plus I think I’ve done something to my back, and well my husband persuaded me to attempt to watch our first box set in one sitting (we failed, well, because … Continue reading

Spring has sprung?

Or so the bees thought a few days ago when we had a little spell of warm weather here. They were buzzing all over the hives, and I even caught them at some ivy blossom, just window shopping, mind you. Glad to see them on these rare days of winter, because I can then breathe … Continue reading

“Soviet Beekeeper Buys Plane for Stalingrad”

Ferapont Golovaty, beekeeper of Saratov, today for the second year in succession, donated 100,000 rubles to Premier Joseph Stalin for the purchase of a latest-model Soviet fighter plane for presentation to Guards Major Yeremin, who in Mr. Golovaty’s first plane fought the Germans at Stalingrad, Rostov, Taganrog, Melitopol and in the Crimea. From the New … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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