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Baby Pictures

or Finders Keepers According to Baby Robins OK, I’m cool with that, says Baby No. 2. But one question: how are you going to eat them if you are standing on them? I guess I got a little carried away, I found them all by myself you know, says Baby No. 1 Birdy News from … Continue reading

The Little Birds Nursery School, or, Heaven Shrill with Song

Nunc viridant segetes, nunc floret germine campi, nunc turgent vites, est nunc pulcherrimus annus, nunc pictae volucres permulcent ethera cantu, nunc mare, nunc tellus, nunc celi sidera rident. Sedulius Scottus And now for something completely different….from the last post:  A baby count as of the end of July (forgive me, a bit behind so this … Continue reading

It’s Like Pandora’s Box Has Opened

The wildlife keeps popping into the yard, as if they have been sprung from somewhere, probably the farmer’s field where the booming of the crow scarers go off all day. He’s a Daddy-O! As of this very weekend, Fuzzio is now a Daddy-O.  We finally located the robins’ nest in a tree in our driveway, … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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