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Swarm: the Aftermath

Like Plato, I became rather eloquent after the bee visitation, but probably not in quite the same way…. tunc ostenta faciunt privata ac publica, uva dependente in domibus templisque, saepe expiata magnis eventibus.  sedere in ore infantis tum etiam platonis, suavitatem illam praedulcis eloquii portendentes from Chap18 Happy Omens Sometimes Afforded by a Swarm of … Continue reading

How’s this for a Queen Bee, only it’s a bird!

De ramis cadunt folia, nam viror totus periit, iam calor liquit omnia et abiit; nam signa coeli ultima sol petiit. Iam nocet frigus teneris, et avis bruma leditur. (taken from a 13th century ms., and published in Mediaval Latin Lyrics, trans. Helen Waddell.  Norton 1977.  For translation, see below) This is one bird that not … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV: SWARM! (an update)

As you can see from the caption, not my swarm.  But, I so liked the ingenious-ness (sp? word?) of the approach that I had to take time out from my own swarm issues so that you can enjoy it as well.  This swarm comes courtesy of one of our bee guides who also happens to … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV: SWARM!

Georgics BkIV:67-102 The Fighting Swarms ergo ubi ver nactae sudum camposque patentes, erumpunt portis, concurritur; arthere in alto fit sonitus; magnum mixae glomerantur in orbem, praecipitesque cadunt; non densior aere grando, nec de concussa tantum pluit ilice glandis.  From P. Vergili Maronis, Georgicon Liber IV, T.E. Page editor, MacMillan 1909 (pdf copy from http://www.textkit.com/learn/ID/163/author_id/80/) So, … Continue reading

Disappearing women 2: or what happens to Queen Bees

Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason photoshopped… http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/national/jewish-newspaper-airbrushes-hillary-clinton-from-photo-25-apx-20110510 I would say this does not even dignify a comment (like at least if they had photoshopped a few burquas on them, you would still know women had been present…), but actually it should provoke a more vociferous reaction than it is getting…. And it looks like it’s … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV: The invasion of the drones!

BkIV:The Nature and Qualities of Bees solae communes natos, consortia tecta urbis habent, magnisque agitant sub legibus aevum, et patrium solae et certos novere Penates; venturaeque hiemis memores aestate laborem experiuntur et in medium quaesita reponunt. namquealiae victu invigilant et foedere pacto exercentur agris; pars intra saepta domorum Narcissi lacrimum et lentum de cortice gluten … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV Virgil as Beekeeper

“Protinus aerii mellis caelestia dona exsequar.  Hanc etiam, Maecenas, aspice partem. admiranda tibit levium spectacular rerum, magnanimosque duces, totiusque ordine gentis mores, et studia, et populous, et proelia dicam. in tenui labor; at tenuis non Gloria, si quem numina laeva sinunt, auditque vocatus Apollo.” From P. Vergili Maronis, Georgicon Liber IV, T.E. Page editor, MacMillan … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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