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Clara, Will You Be My Nonna?

A truly happy post while I am still digesting what’s been going on bee-wise around here (another swarm Sunday, sigh…).  All the gruesome details and pics will be along towards the end of the week. In the mean time, those who have read this blog know that I have a category-Queen Bees-reserved for articles about … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV, or who stole our bees and left us with these imposters?

aliae purissima mella stipant, et liquido distendunt nectare cellas. sunt, quibis ad portus cecidit custodia sortis, inque vicum speculantur aquas et nubila caeli I thought it worthwhile to repeat a few lines from the last bee post concerning nectar production.  Last summer, and right up to the time we closed the hive down for the … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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