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Of Swarms and Inspections 2014: It Begins (Part 1)

The little %#&*$@s are starting early this year!  We had our first swarm, the garage bees, on  Wednesday 30 April 2014: You don’t get so much the sense of size and density with this amateur video as you do the sound of it.  The sound of it is what usually attracts your attention.  These bees … Continue reading

The Birds

Yes, capitalized on purpose, because it is supposed to call to mind Hitchcock’s The Birds.  Maybe you will understand when you look at this: I know they don’t look like much in this picture, but there were anywhere from 30-50 starlings repeatedly landing in the garden.  That was bad enough, but if you look closely … Continue reading

Fenland Bee Artist Colony

 primum favos construunt, ceram fingunt, hoc est domos cellasque faciunt, dein subolem, postea mella,ceram ex floribus, melliginem e lacrimis arborum quae glutinum pariunt, salicis, ulmi, harundinis suco, cummi, resina.   Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia, Karl Friedrich Theodor Mayhoff, Ed.  Who are we to stand in the way of artistes? I mean, I thought we had … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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