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Swarm: the Aftermath

Like Plato, I became rather eloquent after the bee visitation, but probably not in quite the same way…. tunc ostenta faciunt privata ac publica, uva dependente in domibus templisque, saepe expiata magnis eventibus.  sedere in ore infantis tum etiam platonis, suavitatem illam praedulcis eloquii portendentes from Chap18 Happy Omens Sometimes Afforded by a Swarm of … Continue reading

False Alarm Everybody, Back into the Building or How Not to Swarm

When is a swarm not a swarm? When it is a false alarm swarm!  But let me begin at the beginning, yesterday May 7 in fact. Just before noon time when the sun was out for a bit, all was looking pleasant at the main hive where we have gone to brood and a half.  Bees were … Continue reading

Now I Am Really Scared: are they lulling us into a false sense of smug beekeeping?

Because I wouldn’t put it past them. It’s usual for them to freak me out by doing something that looks distinctly bad.  For instance, we had a hard frost around the beginning of April with the resulting scene above on the flight deck of the swarm hive the next morning. Moreover, when the sun shines and … Continue reading

Swarming Bees? Bring it!

Our Christmas Nuc Umido vere melior fetus, sicco mel copiosius; quod si defecit aliquas alvos cibus, impetum in proxas faciunt rapinae proposito. at illae contra derigunt aciem et, si custos adsit, alterutra pars, quae sibi favere sensit, non adpetit eum. ex aliis quoque saepe dimicant causis duasque acies contrarias duosque imperatores instruunt, maxime rixa in … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV: The invasion of the drones!

BkIV:The Nature and Qualities of Bees solae communes natos, consortia tecta urbis habent, magnisque agitant sub legibus aevum, et patrium solae et certos novere Penates; venturaeque hiemis memores aestate laborem experiuntur et in medium quaesita reponunt. namquealiae victu invigilant et foedere pacto exercentur agris; pars intra saepta domorum Narcissi lacrimum et lentum de cortice gluten … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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