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Why we use Wheelock indeed, when the answers are from an alternative Latin universe

In my progress through Wheelock’s Latin  (yes, there has been progress although I have been distracted by other somewhat related issues…), I have had occasion to consult the Answer Key, usually with a mixture of confidence and trepidation.  My confidence has been boosted by how much I have remembered from previous forays into Latin, to the point  … Continue reading

Latin literature, or the disappearance of women

Dr Laith’s wife, Bushra, had taken up wearing hijab late in life, but she could not explain exactly why-it was something sunk deep out of explanation.  She said it just felt more comfortable.  Um Omar had grown into her thirties following Western fashions and hemlines, but had bowed to the wishes of her husband and … Continue reading

Why We Learn Latin

The genesis of, and inspiration for, Wheelock’s Latinwas the 1946 G.I. Education bill which granted World War II Veterans a college education upon their return from service.  “Why would a vet, schooled on the battlefields of Europe and Asia, want to study Latin?” asked our father, then a Professor of Classics at Brooklyn College.  What … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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