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Birthday Hog




Part of my catch-up regime, this from a May birthday. My friend, Jo, made me this buttercream hog. Yes, there was delicious cake in there as well,  and little pecan feet.

Speaking of hogs and eating, we are up to 10 eating dishes (just leftover aluminum tins) for the hogs, and one for the foxes and/or assorted others. But there are still shoving matches and loud huffing. One night my husband and I had just put down the dishes, and almost simultaneously we heard about seven flipped over emptied of their contents. I swear they know our voices…

People in the UK will know that the series Gentleman Jack ,about famed diarist Anne Lister, has just ended here (has it been on in the States?). I bought The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister edited by Helena Whitbread. I was interested to read the following entry:

Friday 17 August [Halifax] 1821

My aunt had a letter from Marian this morning announcing their having sent off 2 hedgehogs which have just arrived safe (about 12) by the mail coach, packed in straw in a basket. We have put them under a hot bed frame in the back room where they are to be kept a day or two, before being turned out into the garden to clear it of snails & other vermin, with which it is at present exceedingly infested…Went down to the hedgehogs for 10 minutes, took them a plate of gooseberries & watched 1 of them drinking the milk set for them.

18 August [Halifax]

…Just before I went out this afternoon, George took the hedgehogs from the back room & put the loose under the great yew tree.

No report after this at to their effectiveness. There are many things to remark on here, but I will just choose one: the gooseberry diet. I find this interesting because a few weeks ago when our gooseberries were in full flow, almost past, we found skinned gooseberries about the yard.  We immediately suspected:


But, perhaps someone was being unjustly accused. Perhaps, it was those hogs…

And I have no snails…

Speaking of feeling hard done by, someone was not best pleased about not having any cake, pizza, and ice cream:



Do not compliment me on the photographs. I do not deserve it. All praise to cakemaker Jo’s husband Tony for being the wildlife photographer!




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