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Hiving the Bees

Just in case you need some inspiration at the beginning of the most active part of the beekeeping year….

I like the impression created here that swarming is part of beekeeping and not the disaster some beekeepers make of it. I also like the enticement she uses, no, not to attract Troy, but to attract the bees to the hive with herbs and honey. I wonder what kind of herbs?

I am reading, in ebook form, Far from the Madding Crowd at the moment. But this form seems a very pleasant way as well. For more of the book or others see CCProse Audiobooks.

My little darlings are really busy of late, not just with the pollen and nectar gathering, but also with the water collection. I have been sitting in a particularly sun-drenched corner of my garden, by my much-neglected greenhouse, and have been entertained with their comings and goings at a favorite watering spot–an unused flower pot (the birds like it too).  It is still as Zen as it has been in the past.

But, beekeeping is not all sitting in sunny spots watching the bees. I am going to have to assemble at least one super for my swarm bees (one of my own swarms that I didn’t give away last summer). They have been very busy indeed. So much so that they have been making me feel guilty about my neglect: they have one of those mouse-hole type guards over the front to prevent robbing, but last week it was partially blocked by some plastic wrap they seemed to be attempting to drag through it.  Where did the plastic wrap come from, you ask? Why, it is what I wrapped their fondant in so it didn’t get all melty and sticky over the frames.  I guess some girls were trying to give me the hint that they were finished already with the fondant…

Cheryl Update
I wish I knew a spider expert. For the past few weeks, Cheryl has been curled up in a corner of the ceiling during the days and comes out to hang only at night. But more worrying is the condition of her web: there’s a dried bee there that I threw to her weeks ago, some bits of fluff, all of which tells me she hasn’t been re-spinning her web. I can’t tell whether she’s hungry, dying, laying eggs or what.

My girls do keep me guessing….



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