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Of poop and petals

First the petals…


Our garden is filled, front to back and side to side, with snow drops this time of year, starting in February. February 2 if this old rhyme is anything to go by-

The Snowdrop, in purest white array
First rears her head on Candlemas.

Candlemas is the celebration of Christ’s presentation to the elders at the Temple. The day also became associated with the purification of the Virgin Mary. The statues of Mary were often replaced by snowdrops on this day.

Interestingly, the English word does not necessarily refer to ‘drop’ as in drop of water, but to ‘eardrop’ which is an older form of ‘earring.’ The Greek word for the species, Galanthus’ means ‘milk flower.’

And do you know who especially likes snowdrops?

We had quite a few warm days in February meaning this lot were out in force. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see them during the winter like this. But I should know better because one of the most lethal months is coming up–March. If they have made it until March, then they are set for a growth spurt. And with the weather still being unpredictable, they will soon outstrip their remaining stores and what they can bring in. So, March is a time to pay extra special attention.

But right now, they were happily gathering pollen from the snowdrops and whatever else was on offer. But, after being cooped up in the cold weather, they were also indulging in another favorite past time–



Bees and cars, especially convertibles, are a costly combination. I found the poop in other places, but my poor car bore the brunt of it, requiring an extra special clean for the top. The only reason I can think that the car specifically came in for this treatment is that it is directly under their flight path and far enough away so the hive doesn’t get it.

Well, we don’t keep them to get rich, do we?

Not bees

I also have things to report on the birds etc front but will save them for the next post. Just to wet your whistle, some of you might remember the Christmas cracker riddle and its answer.  In which case you might be able to guess what this photo might signify:


Answer to follow in next post.


I have been a very poor blog follower, in that for the past month or so I have not commented on the many interesting posts that have come my way. I will try to have a blitz read to get to everyone, but if I don’t, please no that I am ‘liking’ in spirit…


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