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Swarm 2015: I knew it!

They were way too well-behaved. Swarm 4 May 2015 It was a nice day, beautiful in fact,  but… I have been having my seasonal allergies, plus I think I’ve done something to my back, and well my husband persuaded me to attempt to watch our first box set in one sitting (we failed, well, because … Continue reading

Now that summer’s over….

  Not that it has ever started here in the UK.  I sit here typing this as it pours with rain.  Rain or cold or both has been the theme so far, with summer days that can be counted on two hands. My blueberries are waiting, my cherries (I actually have them this year!) are … Continue reading

They Have Been Working On My Last Nerve…

Ever hear of the evil eye?  Well, that’s what I called down upon myself a few posts ago.  Not so much the Evil Eye, as the Evil Hive.  Remember, that this is the hive that swarmed and unswarmed in early May?  Well, here is a little taster of what they have been up to since, … Continue reading

Nurse, Scalpel Please

So, We Are Third Year Beekeepers.  Can You Tell? This is bee club.  And the first rule of  bee club?  Don’t ever give the little so and so’s too much space, because they will fill it.  Bees abhor a vaccum.  Who knew they were so philisophical and scientific?  And another question, if they had too … Continue reading

Swarm: the Aftermath

Like Plato, I became rather eloquent after the bee visitation, but probably not in quite the same way…. tunc ostenta faciunt privata ac publica, uva dependente in domibus templisque, saepe expiata magnis eventibus.  sedere in ore infantis tum etiam platonis, suavitatem illam praedulcis eloquii portendentes from Chap18 Happy Omens Sometimes Afforded by a Swarm of … Continue reading

False Alarm Everybody, Back into the Building or How Not to Swarm

When is a swarm not a swarm? When it is a false alarm swarm!  But let me begin at the beginning, yesterday May 7 in fact. Just before noon time when the sun was out for a bit, all was looking pleasant at the main hive where we have gone to brood and a half.  Bees were … Continue reading

Swarming Bees? Bring it!

Our Christmas Nuc Umido vere melior fetus, sicco mel copiosius; quod si defecit aliquas alvos cibus, impetum in proxas faciunt rapinae proposito. at illae contra derigunt aciem et, si custos adsit, alterutra pars, quae sibi favere sensit, non adpetit eum. ex aliis quoque saepe dimicant causis duasque acies contrarias duosque imperatores instruunt, maxime rixa in … Continue reading

Georgics Book IV: SWARM!

Georgics BkIV:67-102 The Fighting Swarms ergo ubi ver nactae sudum camposque patentes, erumpunt portis, concurritur; arthere in alto fit sonitus; magnum mixae glomerantur in orbem, praecipitesque cadunt; non densior aere grando, nec de concussa tantum pluit ilice glandis.  From P. Vergili Maronis, Georgicon Liber IV, T.E. Page editor, MacMillan 1909 (pdf copy from http://www.textkit.com/learn/ID/163/author_id/80/) So, … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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