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Eyroun in lentyn

Take Eyroun & blow owt þat ys with-ynne ate oþer ende; þan waysshe þe schulle clene in warme Water; þan take gode mylke of Almaundys, & sette it on þe fyre; þan take a fayre canvas, & pore þe mylke þer-on, & lat renne owt þe water; þen take it owt on þe cloþe, & … Continue reading

By the light of a Paschal Moon

I was always vaguely aware that it took some calculation to establish the date for Easter. However, I really had no idea about paschal moons, golden numbers etc The popular explanation for how the date for Easter is established each year is that it is the first Sunday after a full moon occuring on or … Continue reading

The Harrowing of Hell and the Hope in Despair

The days leading up to and including Easter have varied in since their very first observance. One part of the medieval Easter liturgy and a fixture in medieval passion plays that has since disappeared from Roman observance is the Cum Rex Gloriae. An Easter processional antiphon, it has been variously attributed to Augustine of Hippo and St Jerome. Cum … Continue reading

Am I the Only One Confused about Neonicotinoid Pesticides?

Alius simul atque gratum alicui aliquid fecit, promptus est ad beneficium illi in accepta referendum; alius ad id non promptus est, ceterum tamen apud se ut de debitore cogitat et novit, quod fecit: alius quodammodo ne novit quidem, quod fecit, sed similis est viti, quae uvam protulit et nihil praeterea appetit, postquam semel fructum suum … Continue reading

De Consolatione Philosophiae: I will give wings to your mind

For Easter:  haec cum philosophia dignitate uultus et oris grauitate pennas etiam tuae menti quibus se in altum tollere possit adfigam, ut perturbatione depulsa sospes in patriam meo ductu, mea semita, meis etiam uehiculis reuertaris. verse 4M1 sunt etenim pennae uolucres mihi quae celsa conscendant poli; quas sibi cum uelox mens induit terras perosa despicit,aeris … Continue reading

Augustine and Dawkins: the prequel

In this regard, we cannot understate the importance of the late Roman imperial decrees of the 4th century, by which the subjects of the Roman Empire were required by law to live, as the decree said, ‘according to the apostolic discipline and evangelical doctrine.’ Alan Bekhor, “God, the West and the Scholastic Mentality’ http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/text-march-11-god-the-west-and-the-scholastic-mentality-alan-bekhor-aquinas-maimonides-bacon It … Continue reading

On Easter and Bees, or as it is Good Friday some thoughts from Augustine for Richard Dawkins…

Carmen Paschale (Sedulius Scottus) Surrexit Christus sol versus vespere noctis, surgit et hinc domini mystica messis agri, nunc vaga puniceis apium plebs laeta labore floribus instrepitans poblite mella legit. nunc variae volucres permulcent aethera cantu, temperat et pernox nunc philomela melos. nunc chorus ecclesiae cantat per cantica Sion, alleluia suis centuplicatque tonis. Tado, pater patriae, … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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