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Honeybees, Abolition, and the Homefront

The closer we examine the honey bee, the more we realise the workings of a beehive encompass territories beyond our comprehension.  from Tolstoy’s War and Peace. That Tolstoy knew a thing or two about bees, or I guess he didn’t which is rather the point. This week we will enter new territory by combining two of … Continue reading

“Soviet Beekeeper Buys Plane for Stalingrad”

Ferapont Golovaty, beekeeper of Saratov, today for the second year in succession, donated 100,000 rubles to Premier Joseph Stalin for the purchase of a latest-model Soviet fighter plane for presentation to Guards Major Yeremin, who in Mr. Golovaty’s first plane fought the Germans at Stalingrad, Rostov, Taganrog, Melitopol and in the Crimea. From the New … Continue reading

‘Retained by the Nazis…because of his beekeeping skills’

Not a sentence you expect to see.  It certainly caught my attention in a book I recently read, War on the Margins:  An untold story of secret heroism in wartime Jersey, by Libby Cone.  I picked this up in Heffer’s bargain bin, a location in the bookstore I frequent often because it reminds me of … Continue reading

Why We Learn Latin

The genesis of, and inspiration for, Wheelock’s Latinwas the 1946 G.I. Education bill which granted World War II Veterans a college education upon their return from service.  “Why would a vet, schooled on the battlefields of Europe and Asia, want to study Latin?” asked our father, then a Professor of Classics at Brooklyn College.  What … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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