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You say ‘pizza’, Virgil says ‘placenta’, or where Boris Johnson should have gone during that week of holiday*

In a week where there have been rumors that Bill Clinton is now a vegan, it is good to hear that there are people somewhere on the planet combining the learning of Latin with the ordering of junk food (although I for one think classifying pizza as junk food is a highly debatable point, certain … Continue reading

Why we use Wheelock indeed, when the answers are from an alternative Latin universe

In my progress through Wheelock’s Latin  (yes, there has been progress although I have been distracted by other somewhat related issues…), I have had occasion to consult the Answer Key, usually with a mixture of confidence and trepidation.  My confidence has been boosted by how much I have remembered from previous forays into Latin, to the point  … Continue reading

On the trail of other Latin students

Searches so far have produced, as before, some interesting if not downright idiosyncratic sites.  For instance, have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/47949561@N00/109971084/  in which a fellow student has photographed his moleskine Latin notebook.  In fact, he seems to have rather a thing about moleskine notebooks, although I understand that it is not an unusual obsession.  We, … Continue reading

Why We Learn Latin

The genesis of, and inspiration for, Wheelock’s Latinwas the 1946 G.I. Education bill which granted World War II Veterans a college education upon their return from service.  “Why would a vet, schooled on the battlefields of Europe and Asia, want to study Latin?” asked our father, then a Professor of Classics at Brooklyn College.  What … Continue reading

My Latin Notebook

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